Zack @ the LA Colosseum during USC's 2013 Rising Stars 2-Day Football Camp

Zack Hodgson

From the moment Zack stepped onto a football field, at 8 years old for his first little league football game, he has been the quarterback and leader of the Olympus Titans.  Nine years later at 6’ 4” and 200 lbs., Zack is poised for what many believe will be a monumental Senior season at Olympus High School—a season Zack hopes will bring the Titans their first State Championship since 1998.

Zack is a fierce competitor who brings intelligence, focus and mathematical precision to the field, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise since Zack excels in Physics and Math in the classroom and holds a cumulative 3.96 GPA.  But somewhere in the midst of his cool calculating character is an innate ability to improvise and create on the run—traits that have become the hallmark of his style.

Zack has been blessed with incredible coaches & mentors who have unselfishly given of their time and talents to help him realize his talent and potential. To all of you, Jill & I sincerely thank you for your unending support and confidence in our son. You have truly made a difference in his life and ours, and we couldn’t be more grateful.